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About us

A complete system.

Decades of accumulated technical expertise have enabled us to produce the best and strongest system of wood care products for finishing and maintenance in the retail and industrial markets.

We take pride in being the first brand within surface treatment of both interior and exterior wood to successfully blend global presence with local support. We proudly manufacture our products in Denmark, while shipping to all four corners of the globe.

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From wrecks to wood enthusiasts.

Our brand was born in the late 1960s, when Ib Møller, inspired by his ancestors’ use of driftwood from the many wrecks along the coastline near Skagen, approached his wife with an idea. His first venture was stairs and flooring planks made from wood. Later on, furniture became part of the range, and lye, soap and different oil products were developed for the basic treatment, care and maintenance of wood.

In 2004, WoodCare Denmark A/S became an independent company with focus on care and maintenance of wood.

Woca Canada - Woca Ontario - Main page


We are passionate people.

We are passionate about our origins and our heritage. Passionate about our products and customers. Throughout our history, we have always stayed true to our ethos of authenticity, integrity and attitude.

Our mission is still to do the best work of our lives for the world’s most beautiful, long lasting building material, wood. It is no surprise we continue to search out new and interesting products to bring innovative ideas to our iconic surface treatment and maintenance system.

And we will continue to do our best.

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Natural care

The natural choice.

This is our ethos on how to ensure woodwork a long life, durability and a beautiful natural look. Wood in itself is a unique and a natural material, which possesses a number of natural inner properties that are needed to ensure long lasting durability. These qualities/properties ‘only’ need to be strengthened and stimulated, so the wood stays in the same condition as the day it was installed.

This is done by maintaining and rejuvenating the wood with natural penetrating oil that hardens deep inside the wood and provides new life and energy. Well maintained wood keeps it natural ambience and beautiful appearance.

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Environmental awareness

We care about the environment.

We take pride in our ‘green credentials’ producing environmentally friendly, ecological products for over 40 years. Our ethos is fully focused around nature, from the way our penetrating oils are designed to protect and enhance the natural properties of wood – to the impact that the manufacturing process and products could have on the environment. These factors are keys to any decisions that we make within the business with a view to creating a safe and sustainable future for everyone.

Our products are for instance tested and certified by the ‘Institut für Baubiologie Rosenheim GmbH, Germany’, as well as approved in accordance with the German DIN 53 160 norm and the European EN 71-3 norm for use in living environment.

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We put innovation at the heart of our brand.

Product development. Product optimization. Quality control. Customized solutions. We do it all, as we acknowledge the importance of innovation and flexibility in a highly competitive and ever changing environment.

We consistently push the boundaries of innovation to meet customer needs and exceed their expectations.

All of our products have been developed in our own laboratory using the latest raw materials available on the market, combined with up-to-date formula in order to guarantee our customers the best quality for all specific application methods. is the authorized online web shop for WOCA Canada.