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Commercial Soap



WOCA Commercial Soap, formerly named Master Soap,  is a universal floor cleaner that can be used on any type of wood species and finish.  It can also be used to clean tile, vinyl, LVT, and stone surfaces. WOCA Commercial Soap is excellent for flooring that needs daily or frequent cleaning. For oiled wood floors that are cleaned with Commercial Soap, they should be regularly maintained with Natural Soap to keep the oil finish conditioned.

  • Effective care and cleaning of all floors
  • Particularly suitable for large flooring areas exposed to frequent cleaning
  • May be used both manually and with machine

Product details

WOCA Commercial Soap is a universal floor cleaner that can be used to clean high traffic flooring.  If your flooring is in need of daily or frequent cleaning, such as a restaurant, shop or other busy commercial locations, then Commercial Soap is the right choice for you.

For the frequent cleaning of any type of flooring

You can use Commercial Soap on any type of wood species and finish. It can also be used on tile, vinyl LVT, stone and other hard surface flooring. You can apply the soap mixture by machine or manually.

How to...

  1. Mix 250ml Commercial Soap with 10L of warm water for daily cleaning.
  2. Apply with mixture to the floor with a well wrung damp mop.
  3. It is important that you do not leave any water on the floor. Use WOCA Swep Mop if possible for best results.
  4. If your flooring is an oil finished floor, maintain regularly with Natural Soap to keep the flooring nourished and conditioned.