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WOCA Canada WOCA Denmark Natural Floor Oil

A complete system. Woca Canada

Decades of accumulated technical expertise have enabled us to produce the best and strongest system of wood care products for the basic finishing and maintenance of wood products for the retail and industrial markets.

We take pride in being the first brand within surface treatment of both interior and exterior wood to successfully blend global presence with local support. We proudly manufacture our products in Denmark, while shipping to all four corners of the globe.

The natural choice. woca canada

This is our ethos on how to ensure woodwork a long life, durability and a beautiful natural look. Wood in itself is a unique and a natural material, which possesses a number of natural inner properties that are needed to ensure long lasting durability. These qualities/properties ‘only’ need to be strengthened and stimulated, so the wood stays in the same condition as the day it was installed.

This is done by maintaining and rejuvenating the wood with natural penetrating oil that hardens deep inside the wood and provides new life and energy. Well maintained wood keeps it natural ambience and beautiful appearance. is the authorized online web shop for WOCA Canada.