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High Solid Hardwax Oil






High Solid WOCA Hardwax Oil is used for oil finishing of wooden floors manually or with polishing machine.

  • VOC compliant
  • For the basic finish of wood floors with polishing machine
  • Suitable for all types of wood floors
  • Suitable for large areas
  • Lightly filmbuilding
  • Certified by IBR
  • Provides silkmat finish
  • Produces a very hard and dirt resis- tant surface
  • No need for hardener
  • Coverage approx. 200 SF/L

Product details

High Solid WOCA Hardwax Oil is used for oil finishing of wooden floors manually or with polishing machine. The oil ensures an extremely hard-wearing and light film-building surface. WOCA Hardwax Oil is ideal for basic finishing of any unfinished, new and newly sanded interior woodwork, or for topcoat on WOCA Colour Oils. Polishing machine is recommended for the polishing of bigger areas.

How to...


The unfinished woodwork should be freshly sanded with grit 100-120. The floor must be completely dry and free from dirt and grease before the oil application. Recommended wood-moisture max. 12%. Product, room and floor temper- ature should be between 15°C-30°C. Ensure good ventilation at all times during the application and drying time.

1. The floor can be cleaned with WOCA Wood Cleaner mixed with water 1:40 if necessary. Leave floor to dry fully before oil application.

2. Stir and mix oil container well before and during use. Containers with different batch numbers should be mixed before use to avoid colour differences.

3. Apply the oil in a thin layer with a short-haired roller or similar in an even coat. Leave the oil to be absorbed for 10- 20 minutes.

4. The area is now polished with red or beige polishing pad under polishing machine until the excess oil is polished. Remove any excess oil with cloth from the floor.

Leave the floor to dry for 8-10 hours.

If necessary a second coat can be applied dropwise. After 1 hour polish the surface with a clean pad.

6. The floor can be used with care the next day and is fully hardened after 3 days at normal indoor conditions. Do not clean the floor until fully hardened.

7. After the hardening time, the floor should be cleaned with Natural Soap or Oil Refresher, which leaves a protecting layer on the surface.

Tools may be cleaned with WOCA Solvent.

Regular cleaning: Natural Soap or Oil Refresher. Re-oil with WOCA High Solid Hardwax Oil or Maintenance Paste when required.


 Technical data

Product properties
Form: Liquid
Flash point: 66
Density: 1
Coverage: 20-25 m2/litre
Colours: Natural and extra white.
Odour: Faint
Application tools: A polishing machine with beige or red polishing pad. Paintroller and cotton cloths.
Cleaning of tools: Clean tools with Solvent.
Disposal: Dispose of this material and its container to local disposal facility for chemical waste.
Available pot sizes: 0,75 litre and 2,5 litre.