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No1 - the world's most exclusive wood care system!

The No1 wood care system.

A complete range of products
Only one word to remember: No1!

The range of products covers the total lifespan of your wooden floor: pre-treatment and basic treatment for the new or newly sanded floors, as well as products for the regular maintenance and cleaning.

The No1 system is intended for exclusive wood floors and exquisitely combines ease of use with amazing looks and superior long lasting results.

No1 product range

The No1 system consists of products based on supreme raw materials.
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No1 Intensive Cleaner

Basic treatment


No1 Wood Floor Oil

No1 Wood Floor Lacquer

No1 Hardener



No1 Lacquer Care

No1 Lacquer Floor Soap

No1 Maintenance Oil

No1 Oil Floor Soap 


Why choose No1


The world's most exclusive wood care system

How high do you prioritize your wooden floors?

If you own an exclusive wooden floor, you enjoy on a daily basis the quality of the world’s most beautiful, long lasting building material. It makes sense to treat the floor right, and thereby making it stronger and more beautiful as time goes. As well as keeping the value of the floor. We are sure that you will agree that high-quality wooden floors need high-quality wood care products.

Here are seven reasons why you should choose the No1 wood care system.

 No1 for that unique soft feel effect

✔ No1 if you want lacquer with a self-matting effect

✔ No1 utilizing the latest technology in wood care

✔ No1 for neutral or mat finish

✔ No1 if you want superior durability

✔ No1 if you want products with a high green profile

✔ No1 if easy workarounds matter to you


The story behind No1

The natural choice: strengthen the wood!

For decades, we have maintained a leading position in surface treatment.
We have stayed true to our passion and to our belief: wood is a living material that must be strengthened. This way the wood is revitalized and will keep its natural look for years to come.

We named it No1, because it is No1!

We decided to produce the ultimate line of products by combining our knowledge and experience with the latest technology. Our goal was to produce an oil with unequalled strength for your floor. And a unique lacquer with an invisible, super mat finish – and yet with an exclusive soft feel effect.
The result is No1, the world’s most exclusive wood care system. 


No1 Wood Floor Oil

In order to achieve the quality we wanted, we decided to develop a new raw material exclusively for the No1 Wood Floor Oil in cooperation with a carefully selected partner. The tehnology integrated in the oil is called Hyper Cross Linking, resulting in the strongest oil binder and thus, the strongest oil. No1 Wood Floor Oil provides better performance due to less shrinkage, better hardening and enhanced water repellent. It contains a very little amount of solvent and is a low-odour, crystal-clear oil.


No1 Wood Floor Lacquer

Our goal was to combine a unique softness with an invisible lacquered look. And we succeeded. The No1 Wood Floor Lacquer is a superior 2-component floor lacquer based on a newly developed polyurethane binder. It provides floors with an exceptional softness, aside from the invisible look, due to an exclusive soft feel effect. Moreover, the lacquer has a self-matting effect based on a new technology that prevents the mat finish from wearing out in areas with constant contact, e.g. under chairs.



Reference: Sophiendal Manor

Sophiendal Manor chose No1

The beautiful, historical Sophiendal Manor, located in Søhøjland in Jutland and built in the 19th century in Renaissance style, has been converted to hotel and conference centre. The high number of visitors poses a challenge for the wonderful floors, and therefore the No1 product line, providing invisible finish and extreme durability, was an obvious choice.