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No1 Maintenance Oil






No1 Maintenance Oil may be used for the maintenance of all oiled wood floors.

  • For the maintenance of all oiled wood flŒoors
  • Provides the flŒoor with a beautiful, warm glow
  • Protects the surface against wear and scratches
  • Extends the lifespan of the flŒoor

Product details

No1 Maintenance Oil may be used for the maintenance of all oiled wood floors. The oil provides the floor with a beautiful, warm glow as well as protects the surface against wear and scratches which extends the lifespan of the oiled surface. No1 Maintenance Oil is suitable for both manual and mechanical application.
Product, room and floor temperature should be 15°C–30°C (59˚F-86˚F). Ensure good ventilation at all times during the application and drying time.

How to...

1. Clean the floor with 125 ml No1 Intensive Cleaner mixed with 5 litres of water (1 cap = 100 ml). Leave the floor to dry for at least 8 hours. The floor must be completely dry. 

2. Shake the container well. 

3. Apply approx. 1 dl oil per 4 m2 with pad, paint roller, cotton cloth or use polishing machine for large surfaces. 

4. It is important that the oil is carefully polished into the wood. Continue polishing until the wood appears saturated and the surface looks uniform.

5. Wipe the floor with clean, dry cotton cloths before proceeding with the next section of the floor. The floor should not appear wet, and there should not be any excess oil left on the surface after polishing.

6. Continue stepwise until the floor has been finished.

7. When polished with polishing machine the floor will be pre-hardened after approx. 4 hours at 20°C (68˚F) and may cautiously be taken into use. Manually polished floors may be taken into use after 24 hours.

8. The floor should be cleaned with No1 Oil Floor Soap, which leaves a protecting layer on the surface. Re-oil the floor when necessary.

9. Clean tools with WOCA Solvent.

Technical data

Product properties
Declaration: Vegetable oil components, isoparaffin, contains Cobalt bis (2-ethylhexanoate).
Coverage: 40-50 m2/litre
Colours: Natural
Disposal: Empty containers and residues to be disposed of according to local regulations.
Shelf life: 3 years
Available pot sizes: 2.5 + 5 litre